heart pic. Spokane Music Institute is Amazing!!  -Robert-

. Kit's knowldege and patience is world class, he always has something up his sleeve that keeps me on my feet. -Tim-

. Creative and inspireing. -Patty-

. The once a month jam sessions have really opened me up as a player and to being comfortable around a crowd. -ruth-

. I never thought I could get this good! - charles-

. Kit is not only a humanitarian but is one of the nicest people I know. -raymond-

. Spokane Music Institute kicks A$$. - peter-

. Finaly someone who can tap into my learning style, Amazing!!. - john-

. This is the only place to be. I have been to other teachers and hands down kit's aproach, patience, skills and knowledge blow them all away. - Sean-

. Very cool place. The best teachers. -Sara-

. Kit has not only shown me how and why things work, let me think for myself and given me a new language but he has shown me how to aply it to my everyday life in ways I never would have connected and percieved. I am forever greatful..-Allen-

Guru...enough said!!  - carin-

. There is no better place, the knowledge and aplication are hands down the best.- Sam-

. No better place. -Robin-

.This place is not just about music instruction, it is about a mentor, life coach, and just plain being human and caring. I am forever grateful -Alex-grat pic